ITRS 2018


Thursday, November 1

6:00pm-9:00pm                Registration

6:00pm-10:00pm              Hospitality Suite Open


FRIDAY, November 2

TIME              TOPIC                                                                                                             PRESENTER(S)

7:30-8:30         BREAKFAST

7:45-9:00         REGISTRATION

8:00-8:30         WELCOME, ANNOUNCEMENTS

8:30-9:30         The Effects of a Sharp Edge and an Oxyfuel Cutting Process                           Mike Forbes

upon Flexible, Torsionally Balanced Structures of Dissimilar Fiber Types


9:30-9:45         Hasty Topic

9:45-10:15       Different Methods of Tying a Prusik Knot for Rope Rescue                             Warwick Marlin and                                                                                                                                                                              Dagmar Muhlbauer

10:15-10:45     BREAK


10:45-11:00     Hasty Topic

11:00-12:00     Things That Go Bump in the Night                                                                           Robert Walters


12:00-1:30       LUNCH


1:30-2:30         Cycle Fatigue Effects on Aramid and Combined Fiber Ropes/Flex           Matt Hunt, Cedric Smith

Fatigue Testing                                                                                                              Mike Forbes


2:30-2:45                     Hasty Topic

2:45-3:30         Human belay performance with the Petzl ASAP at the anchor with                 Tom Pendley

rescue loads.


3:30-4:00         BREAK

4:00-4:15         Hasty Topic


4:15- 5:00        Doortex Stuff                                                                                                               Kelly Byrne

8:00–10:00      Hospitality Suite open



SATURDAY, November 3  

TIME              TOPIC                                                                                                                PRESENTER(S)

7:30-8:30         BREAKFAST




8:30-9:00         Hybrid Counterweight System for Glacier Fumarole Rescue Applications            Eddy Cartaya

and Tom Wood

9:00-9:15         Hasty Topic


9:15-10:15       Tech Rescue is on Fire                                                                         Margret Dungan and Tim Lum

10:15-10:45     BREAK

10:45-11:30     Fatigue Failure in Carabiners – Breaking Stuff at less than MBS                             Zephyr Feryok


11:30-1:00       LUNCH


12:45-1:00       Hasty Topic


1:00-2:00         GRIMP Day, International Technical Rescue Competition                                           Kevin Ristau


2:00-3:00         Rescuer Near Misses & Using Live Victims in Rescue Training                                     Chris Feder


3:00-3:30         Break


3:30-3:45         Hasty Talk


3:45-5:00         Portland Mountain Rescue’s Multi-Purpose Litter Bridle           Dave Clark and Rocky Henderson


7:30-8:30         7 Summits Presentation by Martin Barnett with dessert options provided in the main presentation room.


8:30-10:00       Hospitality Suite open


SUNDAY, November 4       


TIME              TOPIC                                                                                                             PRESENTER(S)


7:30-8:30         BREAKFAST


8:00-8:30         WELCOME, ANNOUNCEMENTS


8:30-9:15         What’s your Vector, Victor?: Analysis of Unorthodox Artificial High Directionals    Rich Siemer

9:15-10:15       Why Do You Rig The Way You Do?                                       Tom Evans

10:15-10:30     BREAK


10:30-11:00     ICAR video                                                                                                                             Tom Wood


11:00-12:00     RESCUE JEOPARDY GIVEAWAY!!!!


12:00-12:30       Symposium Wrap Up


2:30-5:00         ASTM F32 MEETING (continues Monday 8:00am-1:00pm if needed)