In 1978, most of the search-and-rescue gear available was designed for sport climbing and caving. Rescue harnesses just didn’t exist. That’s when Jim Frank, an experienced search-and-rescue team member, recognized the need for a better source of highly specialized emergency equipment for rescue professionals. A veteran climber, Jim knew that search-and-rescue equipment needed to be uniquely designed to support the weight of a victim, the rescuers, and all their gear. Drawing on his background in engineering and his strong desire to make such specialized equipment available, Jim responded and soon thereafter established CMC in Santa Barbara, California.

Originally doing business as the California Mountain Company, Jim and a small, dedicated crew began focusing resources on equipment for mountain rescue operations. As the market expanded and technology evolved, so did CMC, and in 1982, the company established its own manufacturing division. Adhering to rigorous design standards, exacting specifications and internationally sanctioned quality inspections, skilled workers continue to carefully handcraft CMC Rescue’s harnesses, straps, packs, and belts at the company’s ISO-9001-certified headquarters in Goleta, California.

As CMC Rescue’s reputation grew along with its success, federal, state, and local agencies began regularly contacting the company for technical advice and expertise. It seemed natural for the company to share its knowledge more broadly. The CMC Rescue School also began in 1982 with the development of one of the first training curriculums aimed at teaching mountain rescue skills to the fire service and other emergency responders. Employing some of the industry’s most experienced rescue professionals, the CMC Rescue School is recognized worldwide for its effective hands-on learn by doing training.

Today, CMC Rescue, Inc. is an employee-owned company that has a strong and loyal following. Globally recognized as a leading manufacturer of rescue and work-at-height equipment, its employee-owners are loyal, too. Many of the company’s employee-owners actively serve as rescue team volunteers in their local communities.

PMI Logo
Founded in LaFayette, GA in 1976, PMI manufactures life safety rope and related gear. We manufacture rope and many other products in our facility in LaFayette, GA. Our ropes and gear are used by firefighters, first responders, rescue teams, rope technicians, cavers, and climbers worldwide.

PMI is focused on outperforming expectations in equipment, knowledge and expertise for the most demanding rope technicians serving the world at height. PMI ropes and equipment are built and independently certified to applicable national and internationally recognized standards, and for added confidence our own quality assurance program is registered to ISO 9001 Quality Registration. Customers and employees who use PMI gear provide the foundation for our product development so that our rope and gear become practical solutions.

PMI’s commitment to providing high quality rope at reasonable prices has remained steady. As a company of rope users – climbers, cavers, and rescuers – we have good reason to hold the people who use our rope in high esteem. By understanding the needs of the rope user, PMI has been able to help define and drive the quality and production of life safety ropes that meet the needs of those who use them.

PMI contributes major support toward the development of consensus standards of the Cordage Institute, NFPA, ANSI, ASTM, and others. We also work very hard to maintain familiarity with OSHA and other regulations, and are engaged in safety programs with trade organizations and industry groups such as the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians, National Association of Tower Erectors, and the National Association for Search and Rescue.

Vertical Rescue Solutions by PMI is our training division located in our Denver office. VRS is known as the choice for saving lives through regulatory compliance, instruction, and hands-on training. Our staff directs learning towards the individual’s specific needs while maintaining the application of standards and skills necessary for each person to perform at their highest potential.

In addition to life safety ropes, PMI also manufactures or distributes webbing, cordage, lanyards, harnesses, helmets, gloves, solutions, kits, litters and accessories, rope bags, training tools, and rope related hardware.