Grant Information
The International Technical Rescue Symposium (ITRS) is a limited enrollment event of a technical nature in which all attendees are expected to participate and to contribute to the general pool of knowledge. All attendees – including event organizers, representatives of presenters and co-sponsors, presenters and host team members – must have a paid registration to attend.

A limited number of grants are available through co-sponsors and the event itself to cover the registration fees of presenters and others for whom the cost might represent an unreasonable hardship. Grants cover only registration – all other expenses (travel, room, board, etc.) remain the responsibility of the attendee.
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Grant Qualification
Must not represent a U.S. for-profit entity in the fields of Rescue, Rope Access, Training or Equipment
Must offer a tangible benefit to the event
Must offer a tangible benefit to the event
For presenters, must submit all materials as requested and on time (see Presenter Agreement)
Must make application for grant prior to August 31st